I Think I’m Okay

Hello there you amazing people! Hope everyone is doing great! So after all this depressed posts I think it’s time to write something positive and funny, moreover I am feeling so much better now!
So my vacation is officially over! tumblr_inline_my55dwwln91s5jo86Today I chose my timetable and university subjects, I actually survived war! Everyone wanted best groups and teachers and only 40 student can chose from 300! But I did well! I picked every subject less than 2 minutes and I was happy. Now my schedule is as perfect as possible. I was feeling exactly like this —>

What makes me more happier is attitude of my friends… Obviously I’m talking about boys, cause girls are sassy and they don’t give a fuck, but boys know real friendship! So, yesterday my closest fried from gang, we will call him Dominic, messaged me, suggested to choose same schedule! We and other boys were chatting till 3 am and finally made decisions. Today at 12 pm system was opened and everyone started choosing subjects. Me and Dominic have absolutely same timetable, Kevin and Morgan are together, Nicholas and Ian are matching but we all have 1, 2 or 3 subjects in common. We all were so happy and delighted! I will add here that I believe that boy and girl can be best friend, cause my bestie is boy and we never had problem…


I also managed to put gym, work and Russian lessons in my schedule… This half year will be most hard and harassing but I will do my best, plus when you have so much work to do you don’t have time for overthinking…
So yeah, new year, new relationships, new chances, new drama new people and new adventures are coming.. and I think I’m okay. I want to say how thankful I am for each and every comment and advice, step by step you picked me up together supported me… Thank you for everything!

girl online going offline. x


2 thoughts on “I Think I’m Okay

  1. missjessausten says:

    Best of luck girl online šŸ™‚
    …and yeah, you are right about best guy friends šŸ™‚
    Take care šŸ™‚


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