SOS! I Need Relationship Advices

Hello there you amazing people! How are you doing?
Today I decided to talk about my crush, as we study together in university and soon we will see each other almost every day. So I don’t have big experience in relationship and love, I don’t know why… there are couple of things:
1. I always prefer to be just a friend with boys
2. I am not a girly girl, I don’t wear make up and heels…
3. I am a little bit chubby
4. I don’t like boys who like me
5. When I like someone and get closer with him I don’t like him anymore
6. I understand boys so good that they want me as their be best friend
7. As I grew with load of boys I see brother in all boys almost
This picture actually describes my life, I’m always with boys many girls even hate me for this.
16-things-girls-can-expect-living-in-a-house-full-of-malesSo yeah, about my crush. Well, last year when I started university I get along with all boys  so fast and so good… There was just one boy who always was alone, so mysterious… no one knew anything about him. Me and one my good friend(girl) started joking how much we liked him and with this joking I convinced myself that I really do like him. Then one teacher gave us work and separated people with same ideas into small groups. Guess what?! We were thinking equally. My old friend, we will call him Seth(he studies business administration) was visiting me, of course he knew about my crush and when he sat next to me Seth started joggling me toward him. Me and my crush were leaders of our group. When we made a decision, I started writing and my crush said “I will write, I don’t like talking, so I will write and you will be speaker from our group, you should rest now.” Then he took my pen and our hands gently touched, just like in stupid romantic movie! Seth started chuckling and I punched him. Well everything finished with my stupid action. At the end of lesson just before he went I said “by the way my name is Marizza” and started waving hand. He rewarded me with beautiful half smile and answered “I’m Kevin(this is not real name ofc, like others). If you have read my last post this is exactly the same Kevin which is in my boys’ gang. Seth started laughing so loud and when Kevin left I just kicked him out of chair. Step by step Kevin started communicating with other boys, which were my guys(I call my boy friends(not boyfriends) my guys). I was always greeting him first, he didn’t notice me and stuff. After some time I gave up and stopped saying even hey, like I didn’t notice him. And then Kevin started greeting me. I was in yard with girls when he past by and said “hey Marizza” other girls faces were like omg! they were so surprised and jealous cause he was communicating with 2 girl in whole university! I was like “yaaaas bitches” I answered “hey Kev” and followed him. He said “how are you” and  disappeared, but we already were in building so girls didn’t see that he left so fast. This situation happened several times, until he became official member of my guys’ gang! After this, everything turned inside out, he kinda started stalking me and after this my habit “When I like someone and get closer with him I don’t like him anymore” activated. I don’t like him any more but we became so close and guess what happened? I started liking him again cause… I don’t even know the reason. This is still super strange for me. We were spending more and more time together and he was my on-off crush. When we had kinda romantic moments I liked him again but after few days he was just a good friend. And this was happening again and again and again and again! Now I don’t know how I feel, I’m exited to see and hug him after 3 month + as I mentioned in previous post me and my guys picked up some subjects together and our timetable mostly match. To be honest, I do want to have boyfriend and stuff but also I’m not ready for all this drama. I have to concentrate on myself, my depression and anxiety, eating disorder, gym, work and education!

What do you think? Should I tumblr_inline_nq5vz01v7u1swn6qz_500move on? Should I hint him that I like him? How can I clear up what I feel? How boy can be crush today and close frend the other day? I never felt like this before! Maybe if I want boyfriend it must be someone else, cause sometimes I really like him and sometimes I don’t. Please I need many advices! Help me!

girl online, going offline. x

9 thoughts on “SOS! I Need Relationship Advices

  1. rothpoetry says:

    First of all, You are not chubby!!
    Sounds a bit like you are avoiding getting too close and becoming vulnerable in your relationships. Take you time and really learn to know this guy. First impressions are good, but only time will tell whether it is the relationship you are looking for. Just be you and let the relationship grow.


  2. L. M. B. says:

    My opinion? … When it comes to LOVE … it’s between two people! Two lifestyle that have to be in some way similar, common interests in some fields… not all but it’s all about giving and taking! Love is like a fire … if you don’t feed it .. sooner or later it will go out! It’s not all roses … and even roses have thorns! Patience and understanding. But ther’s nothing better! Amor, ch’a nullo amato amar perdona.
    Yours sincerely.


  3. Amanda says:

    Sweetie, WHAT do you have to lose to take a leap for love? Nothing at all. It’s past time to open your heart a little. “It’s better to have love and lost than to never love at all”. Take a chance. Please! Please! 💋


  4. L. M. B. says:

    Take away Drew … and put the name of your friend … Love is passion! Obsession.
    Forget your head and listen to your heart!

    All the best!
    If you haven’t tried …You haven’t lived!



  5. vinneve says:

    I was a bit like you when it comes to boys getting closer to me then I put them in a “just friends” basket. Actually.. it is best to really know your possible boyfriend. It’s good to have a friendship that can stand anything then see if this develop into something more. Please check out my old post “Crush crushed” . Goodluck, Cheers!


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