Thank You So Much!

Hello there y…… O M G !
I can’t believe that I already have 100+ followers and 150+ likes! When I made this blog I just wanted 20+ people who will read my posts and will give me some advices, strangers who have never seen me but know me better than anyone else. I met so many writers, photographers, chefs and simply amazing people, some of you are wasting time to read my stupid posts and thoughts! I just want to mention gaining followers isn’t my aim! of course it feels good but what I really need is help and what I want to ask you is to leave more recommendations and advices in comments cause it really helps! maybe you don’t know but every comment influenced and helped me so much! For ex. I decided to try something with my crush and it’s because your comments which helped me!  Once again thank you! thank you so much! You are the best!

girl online, going offline. x

6 thoughts on “Thank You So Much!

  1. The Showers of Blessing says:

    Congratulations for a job well done that surprised yourself. Life is full of surprises waiting to be found!! Thank you for the follow. I write about life in poetry, mostly. I write about life through my observations and experience. It has been good. Thank you for the follow. Come back to visit more posts. p.s. I just click follow. 🙂


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