Tomorrow’s Going To Be Huge!

Hello there you amazing people! How are you doing?
Sorry that last few days I wasn’t active(like somebody noticed it but anyways) but my cousins’ grandpa died so I was with them all days and all nights until funeral… so today everything ended, but it’s 2 a.m. and I just came home and I have so many thing to do! And tomorrow is first day of university and I’m starting new year already exhausted! But I’m exited so much! I really missed my guys and I really want to see my on-off crush to understand what I feel, cause all this romantic drama makes me crazy! I think when I hug him I finally understand what to do and what I feel!tumblr_n7xn1hyshj1skrctjo1_500 To be honest I also want to see those bitchy girls faces’ when I will come with all these handsome boys, moreover some of them like my guys xD They will start leeching and I will play with their rules this year! I know, I know this is stupid but I’m a girl okay?And dometimes I also like some girly stupidities xD I’m also exited to start adult life! After university I have job and after this I will go to the gym! I’m such a lazy person and this is kinda challenge for me to have such a busy schedule! I’m leaving my home at 10 a.m. and I will come back at 11 p.m. I will spend less time with family and I think this is good for now. Also  I won’t have time for overthinking and getting even more depressed. I haven’t time to write more, I have to go and do stuff. tumblr_n358yq6eq61rihvv9o1_250
Wish me luck and don’t forget I love you!

girl online, going offline. x

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