First Day

Hello there you amazing people! How are you? Hope you have everything okay!
So, today was first day of university and it was quite good actually! Morning stared awfully as usual, arguing with mom and she was saying how ugly and fat I was and how terrible taste I have in clothes and etc. At the end I dressed as usual: trousers, trainers and casual shirt then she started yelling at me why I never brush my hair and I left home extremely furious. Hopefully other parts were almost perfect! I was still in bus when one of my guys called me. (this is my other guys gang, but we are more likely trio lets name these boys Norman and Gabe) Norman called me with his new number and started joking then I guessed that is was him and he just said that he and Gabe were waiting me in cafe. When I came I ran and hugged Gabe soooooooo hard! Me and Norman met during summer and had non-stop chat so I wasn’t missing him so much! Well after 5-10 mins my son,(I call him son cause I don’t know I love him so differently and when we were younger I wanted to adopt him xD) who passed exams this year and is new at uni called and said that he wanted to see me. After him I came back and guess what I see? Girls where sitting with Gabe and Norman they smiled with fake smiles and one of them even said that I looked great! I hate these girls cause they are “friends” but talk so badly about each-other with others… Hopefully my very own gang called me, I said bye to Gabe and Norman and left. I was sooo happy! I didn’t wanted to sit with girls, plus I made them so jealous cause boys were waiting me near cafe and girls saw how I hugged them and how they love me and all this bla bla bla… and this was kinda this situation I was F, this girl, girls where like Frank, that old man, and these boys where my guys xD and once again girly stupidities xD

Now the main thing! My on-off crush, Kevin, is in my gang as I mentioned in previous posts and he hugged me sooo hard, I honestly didn’t expected it and you know what? I FELT NOTHING! absolutely nothing! and I felt nothing when he was staring at me during lesson(this isn’t my opinion Norman said that cause I saw sitting with him and he saw everything perfectly!) After this I met soooooooo many other people and one my fave girl Tami.(see? I’m not crazy girl hater!) We decided to meet later this week and discuss summer! After lessons and meeting almost everyone I left university. I was feeling sooooo tired I slept in bus 45 mins than I had job and after this I want to the gym! I came home at 10:20 p.m. and ate tomato and cucumber. Than I had a bath after this I watched my fave show’s new episode(Shameless U.S., I will write a huge post about this amazing TV show!)tumblr_od4v0ivrbd1uw1v47o1_1280 and listened some music and danced and sang a little bit. And now here I am it’s 2 a.m and I’m tired as hell! But I feel so so so positive! Thinking that after education I went on job and after it I visited gym and all day I was working like a dog makes me feel more confident, I don’t know why! and gym helps me to throw out all this negative feelings and I feel super fresh after it, moreover I eat everything I want and I’m not gaining wight at all!
So yeah, this was my first day and it was great! Wish you a great week ahead! Bye for now!

girl online going offline. x


2 thoughts on “First Day

  1. 15yearsandcountingdream says:

    Stay positive sweet girl. Mothers don’t realize how much their opinions hurt. They don’t really mean it. My mother always criticized me when I was in my teens. It hurt and wasn’t as helpful as she thought she was being. Later she did realize it and we became best friends. Of course when I was older and married and with kids. That is when I appreciated her more and she was always there for me. Being a teenager is such an awkward time and we tend to take everything so personal. Keep up the good work. I love your blog and you have a very good grasp of the English language.



  2. girlonlinefromgeorgia says:

    thank you Ann for so much sweetness ❤ it's weired cause we already are best friends and know each others secrets but we still fight every time… very good grasp of the English? I think it's horrible I learned it on my own and I have so many mistakes…. Loads of love Ann xx

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