Want To Know Me A Lil Bit Better?

so i’m just another Girl Online.. inspired by Zoella…

i don’t want this blog to be famous or something.. i just really want to find few people who will listen me and give me advices… feel free to contact me and ask anything, tell me your stories and i will try to do my best for u..

music addicted, crazy fangirl, bookwarm, tv lover, food enthusiastic, maximalist, tattoos and piercings, hippie style, rebel for life!

a listen all genres of music! but here are some of my faves: Queen(Adam Lambert as their vocalist), Panic! At The Disco, The Beatles, The Doors, U2, Elton John, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds To Mars, etc…

i will stay anonymous – u can call me…. Marizza 🙂