I’m Alive!

Hello there you amazing people! How are you doing? What’s new?
I’m super busy and I have no time for daily posts!0c1daffe767a0ba0b7b7dfe875517852
So, actually, everything is going great! I took my first salary! I bought super cute baggy sweater for me, varsity jackets for lil bros, spoon set for house and gave mum some money for products! I felt so cool! I can’t explain!

Also everything is okay at university, I definitely don’t have feelings for Kevin. I, he and Dominic we were at cafe together then at hairdresser cause Kevin wanted to become skinhead again and I said they he looks so much cooler with skinhead! Also there was new girl, lets call her Lori, who is Kevin’s old friend. She was kinda sweet and stuff like this but… there is one but(of course!) She was trying hard to proof me that she was really close with my guys! Okay, I’m not denying she is so much closer with Kevin than me and thats’s cool! But with others…. naaah! She doesn’t even know all of them! Dominic had books and it started raining I said him I can put them in my backpack. We were walking in the rain and then Lori started saying Dominic to take my bag and that I was girl and he must carry my bag, moreover there were his books! Than Dom take my bag but I was saying that everything was okay. Than she started telling “their stories”, but she knows Dominic only for 4 days and she was so funny when she was saying stuff she knew about him, I don’t know why but she kinda wanted to make me jealous. She continued this stupidity when Kevin was at hairdressers, I felt fed up and I said: “Lori you are so cute and sweet and funny but if I will want something from Dom I will tell him cause we are super close, he is one of my best friends and I’m not shy with him and our relationship is so different, if he is obliged to take your bag and all this things he hasn’t to do it with me” than I hugged him and smiled. Thanks god she stopped this stupidity after this. Than we went in the cafe me and Kevin were finding table while Lori and Dominic were choosing food. I noticed that she was kinda flirting with Dom, cause when we were talking about “My Dream Boy/Girl” she described boy exactly like Dom, he was wearing shirt and she said she likes boys with shirts. I noticed that Dom also wasn’t against this… I wish them luck but when I talked with Dom, he said that he also noticed that, but Kevin said him that Lori likes him since 10th grade… Next day I felt sick, after walking in rain and wind. Me and Lori were chatting and she wrote she was soooo sorry that I can’t go in university cause Dom and she planned to go and play billiard after lessons and she really wanted me to be here… The thing is they didn’t go anywhere, Dom said xD I don’t know what this girl is planning but I will play her game(as I already mentioned in previous posts I decided to play with other girls rules this year!) There is a new Queen B in the town bitches!464ox_f-thumbnail-100-0_s-600x0soooooo yeah this was my first week and everything is pretty good. I will write as soon as I can! Love you all!

girl online, going offline. x

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